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13 AOUT Mesomorph Invites: Poppy, Very Disco Channel, Skeaz & DLG • See U

Free electron of the underground scene, Mesomorph presents a series of events across Belgium & France promoting local DJs & live acts from Techno to House, Deep, Bass and Electro into cohesive spaces & line-ups, giving each venue its own musical direction.
After two successful editions at Halles Saint-Gery and one offshoot edition in Lille, the party concept brought by Mesomorph returns to Brussels for a summer open-air party which will take place in the iconic site of See U with a bunch of delightful local DJs and friends, from vinyl selectors Poppy and Very Disco Channel to sonic curiosities brought by Skeaz and DLG.
● Artists
Poppy (Jalousy, Reboot, Jam RTBF) ~
Poppy alias Marine Duvivier began music at the age of 5 and played the piano for 8 years. Lulled by the music of her super Daddy guitarist and in love with Rock, Soul, Jazz & Disco… She secretly dreamed to become a DJ at the age of 14. After a very tumultuous path in her architecture studies, she finally decided to take control of her life by moving on with her passion for music at the age of 28: vinyl would be her life! Pushed by her love for House music and especially for the Italian House cuts from the 90’s, she is now spending most of her time searching, finding and playing her favorite jams.
Very Disco Channel (VIEF, Café AperO, Fancy Footwork) ~
Two longtime giggling friends who share a true passion for music. Having started their musical collaboration in 2016, they know each other very well, both personally and rhythmically. Expect a journey through Soul, Italo-Disco, Synthpop, New-Beat and everything which gives them goosebumps.
Skeaz (Airplane Mode) ~
Brussels based Skeaz is a DJ & producer playing a wide range of styles from Breaks & House to Drum’n’Bass & Experimental electronic music. As a producer he mainly covers Drum’n’Bass with fascinating sound designs carefully crafted. He is also part of Airplane Mode, a label willing to promote local artists from Brussels.
DLG (Lille) ~
DLG found a real passion in DJing a decade ago. He has been since exploring his taste for the deepest and grooviest cuts in House and Techno, which led him to play at different venues in Lille, where he bettered his skills both as a DJ and a selector year after year.
Mesomorph (Be:Pulsed, Optimal Bass, Kot&Mix) ~
Fascinated by the narrative, progressive & hypnotic aspects of electronic music, Mesomorph crafts his DJ sets like stories between Techno & House. From Deep warm-up sets to solid peak time Electro-Techno-Bass sets, his appeal for refined sound designs and intricate melody constructions can easily be recognized. Having been mixing for more than 10 years, Mesomorph performed at respected venues such as Magazine Club (Lille), Zodiak (Brussels), Rockerill (Charleroi) or Elektro Gönner (Vienna).
● Location
See U ~ Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, 1050 Ixelles
Located in the heart of Ixelles, See U takes place in a former 45.000 m² gendarme office, making it the biggest temporary occupation site of Belgium, where more than 100 project holders daily host the site & develop cultural events, educational or academic contents, synonym of sustainable & social innovations, of learnings and experimentations.
● Music
House, Breaks, Disco, Italo Disco, Deep, Progressive 💿
● Infos
Date: 13.08.22
Duration: 15:00 — 21:30
● Artwork
Nina Rodriguez Detourbet 🎨 ~