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19 FEVRIER See U – So Long! Photographic WORKSHOP

A kaleidoscopic photographic homage to the See U site.
The Under_Construction Atelier has the pleasure to host a photography workshop by the hand of Caroline Vincart. The Ghent-based artist-photographer has tailored a one-day-collaborative workshop to pay homage to the seeU site and its users.
About the Workshop
>>> Since 2019 the Anciennes Casernes d’Ixelles in the rue Fritz Toussaint have been home to a diverse group of artists and creative entrepreneurs. In this photography workshop we bring homage to the SeeU site and its users and propose a collective photowalk and visual mapping of the site.
>>> Singular images generally show us a fragment of a possible reality. What if a second or third eye captures that other element that didn’t make the frame? What happens if we bring these fragments together?
In this one-day workshop we approach photography as a collaborative practice and aim for the bigger picture. Through short explorative walks on-site we zoom in on See U’s impressive infrastructure. We try to capture in images the sound and dimensions of the space, using the existing light, objects and echoes of past events. In the second part of the day we edit our images into sequential series, visual maps, recollecting the See U vibe.
>>> We are looking for photographers who have a good knowledge of basic photo techniques and who are open for a new experience.
>We set individual authorship aside and negotiate on the power of a collective I-Eye. Our aim is to bring together the diversity of our singular perspectives and explore a collective way of image- making.
(What do you need?)
>>> Bring your favourite digital camera or photographic device with fully loaded batteries. As we don’t have fully equipped ateliers we welcome very much a few photographers who want to bring their laptops with a (basic) photo editing program, you will be the only one using it!
Your Tutor: Caroline Vincart
>>> Caroline is a Ghent-based artist-photographer and freelance educator who is also active as an art & exhibition producer. She has a long history in putting up art shows, making exhibitions and is a passionate about specific photography workshops!
Workshop language
>>> We speak English, French and Dutch. As we expect a diverse group of participants the main language for this workshop will be English, but don’t feel refrained, nous parlons aussi français et si necessaire schakelen we even over naar het Nederlands. ☺
> Organisation<
Under_Construction Atelier and See U
> Applications are open until 13 of February<
Limited places /max 12 participants
Language EN/FR/NL
> Date<
February 19
10h – 13h
14h – 18h
> Price<
General public: 60 euros
See Users: 50 euros
> Registration is necessary<
Please send an email to, with:
First and last name; Age; Level of experience in photography; Device you will use; and… a line or two with a glimpse of your motivation.
If you are a See User, please also indicate the name of the project.
> Place<
Under_Construction Atelier / See U
Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, building R, 3rd floor, nº 112 / 115
1050 Brussels, Belgium.
>>> This workshop will follow all the sanitary procedures in accordance with the Belgian authorities.
>>> We reserve the right to cancel the workshop due to health reasons.
>>> We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if we do not have the minimum conditions reunited.
See U Soon!
Under_Construction Atelier